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First Grade Learns about God

Today at Sunday school on 10/29/16

Ms. Kara's students learned about the difference between what God created versus what humans created. They drew a line down the middle of the page and drew pictures of different items that God made on one side and items that humans made on the other. The students also made invites for the 1st grade family day, which will be taking place on Sunday November 6th, 2016.  See you there. 

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IMG 9228

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Shabbat Bags: Kara Marks' First Grade

On Sunday February 28th 2016, In Ms. Kara's class we worked on our Shabbat bags. The children  colored pictures of candles, challah, and grape juice, and made their own challah covers. They also read stories about Shabbat and went to a concert with Dan Nichols. Written by Sam



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Spice Painting: Kara Marks' First Grade

On Sunday February 21, 2016 at Sunday school, Ms. Kara's the students participated in multiple fun activities. They learned about the end of Shabbat and also sung songs. Then, they began their art project. We took different colors of paint and mixed it with spices. The kids used these mixtures to paint  pictures  of Havdalah. The idea for this project is that when it dries, it will smell like the spices you use at the end of Shabbat. Finally they headed to services. Written by Lizzie



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Creation and Shabbat: Kara Marks' 1st grade

Written by Noah, our class madrich (helper)

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE HE In Sunday school today, January 31st, we were working on our creation workbook and finished Day 1, when God created night and day, Day 2, when God created the sky, Day 3, when God created the Earth, the sea, and the trees, and Day 4, when God created the sun, the stars, and the moon. We also worked on our Shabbat workbook and learned about Oneg Shabbat, the meal and celebration at the end of Shabbat. 


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God's Creation Notebooks: Kara Marks' First Grade

In Miss Kara's class, we made invitations to our Family Day, which is on November 15th. We are learning about God and creation. We also received a great tzedakah donation of $90.05 from one of our students! We started writing God's Creation Notebooks and finished with the shoe game!


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In God's Image: Kara Marks' 1st Grade

At Sunday on October 25th, 2015, Ms. Kara's 1st grade class learned about how we are all created in God's Image.

All the students then  put their finger print on a class sheet as well as the madrichim and the teacher. We looked at all the finger prints to see the differences and what was the same. 

Each student worked on a mirror project where they put gems on the back or the handle of their mirror. Again this project reinforced the idea of In God's Image because they can look in the front and see how they represent it. 

The article we read and was sent home is called "In God's Image".  As we read the article,the students answered questions. One question was "How do you to show love and respect to your  parents?" They all chose someone to help and explained how they could help them.


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Noah's Ark: Kara Marks' First Grade

Ms. Kara's first grade class learned all about Noah's ark. They created an ark with two of each animal. They read a book about Noah and his family. When they came back from services, they joined together in singing with the music instructors. They had a lot of fun learning and teaching each other all about Noah and his ark.



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