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3rd Grade Happenings

            Today we start off by going over the fun letters that the kids learned during Hebrew School and cool ways to remember them Bet, Tav, Shin, Mem, Kaf, Lamed.  After going over the letters, we did tzedakah. Sophie was our collector today our total tzedakah today was $11. Next, we went to services.

            Halfway through services, we had an emergency drill the kids did AWESoME!!! We walked outside while covering our ears. We walked across the street and waited for everyone to wave green cards then we were cleared to go back inside and finish our services. The we got to go outside to the sukkah. Cantor Markowitz taught the class about the sukkah and prayers we say when we enter our Sukkahs and when we celebrate.. Cantor has songs about the delicious smelling etrog and shaking our lulav.. We all get to shake it every direction.

            When we return to the room we begin to work on our Yads and Dana hands out the Simhat Torah pages so that the kids can work on the puzzles, read along or do their yad! We talked about how sweet it is to study torah and how whenever you love a book you are tempted to read it again and again which is why on Simhat Torah we read the end where Moses dies and immediately turn to the beginning and read the story of creation. This way we are always able to happily focus on creation and new beginnings and re read our wonderful torah.

The kids were told to bring in a baby picture and information about their beginning to share as we are about to start our bible unit and creation in class. Dana said it could be a Xerox and the kids laughed at her, finally she said a print out of a picture and they understood!!!

Written by Jacob Sherman

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Israel's Birthday & Mother's Day

To start off the day we talked about our week.  Then collected tzedakah just over $12.00. Then we went to services. When we got back from services we continued making hand made gifts for our mothers to help celebrate Mother’s Day! We made flowers out of tissue paper. We passed out jars to be decorated as vases or if they wanted to keep the lids then they would have Tzedakah jars/banks at home for their moms with the date they were made with love. Anyone finished could make a card or additional flowers if they had more than one mother to honor.  Meanwhile David was  telling stories about Israel’s birthday and ways that Israel came to be. And as usual David spoke with  funny voices and acted the whole thing out and again as usual everybody loved it. Everything we made today was for our wonderful mothers. Today was a great day and Happy Mother’s Day!

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A Great Sunday: Dana Poncher's 3rd Grade

The day started with two words about your week, as usual. The class slowly trickled in, until they were all almost here. We have AMAZING attendance. David read two stories about keeping kosher. While he did this, the kids decorated crowns for Purim so that they could help determine what would be good supplies to use for our Purim booth – March 13th. We taught the kids about the story of Jacob, and Esau, talking about how Jacob acquired Esau’s birthright and blessing. The kids had wonderful input on what would be good for the younger kids to use to decorate Etc…… After we finished we went down to services and a concert with: Dan Nichols, Josh Nelson, Cantor Ellen Dreskin, Cantor Rosalie Boxt, and Shir Chadash.


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Spice it Up: Dana Poncher's Third Grade

Today in Dana’s third grade class, we started the day reviewing Hebrew letters and vowels learned so far. Dana explained that today we would continue making our Havdalah kits, we would learn about Tu B’Shvat and go to T’Fillah. We collected $32.78 for tzedakah we had a student who brought in a large donation – she was proud and we let her know how awesome she was!

We went to services with the older kids. After services we began continuing the kits. They made their spice bags, Elie showed everyone what spices and other jewels and bells were going into their bag. Everyone who was not here last week made their Kiddush cups. We gave them bags to decorate and hold their kits in. We will be adding the candles next week. We started to learn about the holiday Tu B’Shvat. Tu B’Shvat  is when we celebrate the birth of the trees. It is the birthday of ALL trees, because it is hard to celebrate the birth of every individual tree. Then Dana stated to read about Tu B’Shvat, and David finished the story. He used his funny voices and creatively acted parts out. As always everyone enjoyed the story.

We are also continuing our Spice Up Our Life Drive. As we know Dana is extremely competitive and the spice drive is only for the third grade. Knowing Dana she wants to have more spices than any other third grade class. Other than Dana’s competitiveness it helping in the spice drive really helps other people. Please make sure that your spices that you bring in are unopened.

Also the class is making Jacob feel very welcome in our classroom. We had a fun and productive day in our class.



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David and The Spider: Dana Poncher's Third Grade

Today we had an awesome day! We compared Sukkot and Thanksgiving - wow we were brilliant. We collected Tzedakah, unfortunately we had eight people absent which definitely impacted our Tzedakah. We are very proud of our Tzedakah collections. We talked about how there are a lot of wonderful ways to give Tzedakah and sometimes it's your time and your kindness not always money. Several of our students are serving meals for Thanksgiving.  We went over the letter Ayin and then we left for T'fillah led by Rabbi Steve and talked about Thanksgiving and a little about the upcoming holiday - Chanukkah. After T'fillah we went to music led by Kadi House, she was so awesome. We learned new songs, sang in the round and had so much fun. We love Kadi!! Then David read us an awesome book about David and the Spider-  עַכָּבִישׁ   with wonderful voices and motions. He is an awesome madrich! We made a get well card for Elie- we missed her and wanted her to know it. Then we studied Shabbat, cleaned up and told everyone to have a great Thanksgiving.  See you all December 6th!


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Shabbat: Dana Poncher's Third Grade

Once everyone was seated we surprised David Sommer by all singing Happy Birthday! Then we started our day with a hebrew lesson and review of the letters that we have already taught - they are all catching on and excited to show off what they know. The kids learned a few new vowels and letters. After hebrew, we went to services. When we got back from services, we began to study and read about Shabbat. Dana talks about how on Shabbat we need to focus on Shabbat and being jewish. The children learned about creation, and how there were six days of work and one day of rest. That day of rest is Shabbat, and is a holy day. We talked about the different items used to celebrate Shabbat i.e. Kiddush Cups, Hallah, and Candle sticks. The kids all recited the prayers over the bread and wine. We talked about how they might make Shabbat special in their homes and took time to listen to the maccabeats sing L’cha Dodi.



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Funny Voices: Dana Poncher's Third Grade

To start off the day we talked about our week and collected tzedaka. We ended up with $16.25. Then we went to services. When we came back, David read a story “Why the Dove?” about Noah and all the animals. He did so many funny and creative voices while acting the whole story out! Everybody loved loved it. After the story Dana was reading about God’s Wonders and again  David did voices and sound effects the kids were entranced.. While the reading and acting was going on everyone was coloring fun reminders that Elie made about upcoming  youth events, Chanukah candle lighting, Chanukah services, congregation dinners, and the Brisket Cook-off. We also talked about how Rabbi Phyllis is collecting unwanted candy that will be donated to Mac Fund. We asked everybody that if they are bringing in candy to bring it in before this Friday November 6th. What an awesome day in Dana Poncher’s 3rd grade.b2ap3_thumbnail_CC4B9375-24C2-4412-BF07-0BD6AF18DB58.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3365.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3367.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3366.JPGclass

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Scavenger Hunt: Dana Poncher's Third Grade

We started learning about new letters from the hebrew alphabet today. We learned lamed, kaf, chaf, reish and hay. The kids read the different letters with different vowels strung together. At services the students watched a video about the over-night summer camp, OSRUI. After services we came back to the class and began our scavenger hunt throughout the temple. The kids really enjoyed running around the temple looking at the different things,  and rooms and talking about what they are there for.


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Order from Chaos: Dana Poncher's 3rd Grade

Written by David Sommer, class madrich (helper)

Day started. The class trickled in slowly until the were almost all here. We started the class with hebrew. Dana knows that some kids are possibly not in hebrew school but that does not mean they should be ignorant of the hebrew language. The first two letters we start with are ב (bet) and ש (shin). We explain how to remember the letters bet and shin by looking at the physical traits of the letters. I (David) have passed out two packets to each kid, to help learn the hebrew letters. They consist of different letters with different vowels for the kids to speak aloud. After services we came back to class. The chairs were all piled up in a chaotic mess in a corner of the room. As the kids piled in they all had to grab a chair and put it back in its place and help their friends. The idea was to make order from chaos by fixing the problem. This led to how God created order from chaos when he created the world.


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Sukkot: Dana Poncher's Third Grade

by Elie Zieserl and David Sommer, class madrichim (helpers)

Today in class we talked about Sukkot, and the meaning of this holiday. The meaning of the lulav and the etrog. We talked about how Sukkot was named after the huts that the farmers built during harvest season called Sukkahs. When we went to services we all got to see a soferet begin to write a new torah for the temple. After Services David read a story called Bubbe Isabella and the Sukkot Cake by Kelly Terwilliger. David had all the kids cracking up at his funny voices they loved it! After he finished reading we recapped and talked about how the sukkah covers were used for Simchat flags. Elie introduced the Yad art project, explaining how to use the pencils and string and lots and lots of beads she brought While they made the yads Dana read about Simchat Torah tying in yads and the Soferet and the Torah started here at Am Shalom today.




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Talking about Forgiveness: Dana Poncher's 3rd Grade

by David Sommer, class madrich (helper)

Today in class we talked about God’s forgiveness. Dana taught them all the word "atone." They had never heard of this word, so Dana explained it. She talked about how during Yom Kippur we look at the things we did wrong and ask for forgiveness. But to be able to be forgiven, you must be able to forgive. Elie (one of our madrichim/helpers) wrote on the board, “I am ________ years old. Our Jewish year is 57__. I am proud that I_______. I am sorry that I________. I will try to do better next year by________. “ The kids were then told to write that down and fill in the blanks. 

We read about Rosh Hashanah and discussed that even though we already celebrated the holiday, it is still important to know the meaning and why we celebrate it. Yom Kippur is the holiday of repentance and we talked and read about the things we do, including lighting a yahrzeit candle, going to a Kol Nidre service, fasting and other things as well.


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