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3rd Grade Happenings

            Today we start off by going over the fun letters that the kids learned during Hebrew School and cool ways to remember them Bet, Tav, Shin, Mem, Kaf, Lamed.  After going over the letters, we did tzedakah. Sophie was our collector today our total tzedakah today was $11. Next, we went to services.

            Halfway through services, we had an emergency drill the kids did AWESoME!!! We walked outside while covering our ears. We walked across the street and waited for everyone to wave green cards then we were cleared to go back inside and finish our services. The we got to go outside to the sukkah. Cantor Markowitz taught the class about the sukkah and prayers we say when we enter our Sukkahs and when we celebrate.. Cantor has songs about the delicious smelling etrog and shaking our lulav.. We all get to shake it every direction.

            When we return to the room we begin to work on our Yads and Dana hands out the Simhat Torah pages so that the kids can work on the puzzles, read along or do their yad! We talked about how sweet it is to study torah and how whenever you love a book you are tempted to read it again and again which is why on Simhat Torah we read the end where Moses dies and immediately turn to the beginning and read the story of creation. This way we are always able to happily focus on creation and new beginnings and re read our wonderful torah.

The kids were told to bring in a baby picture and information about their beginning to share as we are about to start our bible unit and creation in class. Dana said it could be a Xerox and the kids laughed at her, finally she said a print out of a picture and they understood!!!

Written by Jacob Sherman

First-Time Great-Grandma!
A Memory for a Lifetime

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