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A Memory for a Lifetime

blessed ShonfeldMy dad is 85 and grew up in the Wrigleyville area. In 1945, when the Cubs were last in the World Series, my dad didn't have the ability to buy a ticket, running a newspaper route for spending money. Rather than listen to the game on the radio, he found his way inside the stadium to take in a World Series game (somehow getting past the gate attendants). 

71 years later, my dad and I went to see the Cubs clinch a World Series berth. My Dad was euphoric and we were able to truly enjoy the history being made together. Even though I strayed and became a Sox fan, we were able to truly be "in the moment" together and share a memory for a lifetime.

He is an incredible dad, stood by my mom every step of the way during a prolonged illness, and a grandfather that is incredibly close with all his grandkids, teaching great lessons along the way. We are all #blessed that he is in our lives and I feel blessed to have shared this great moment with him.

Submitted by Ken Shonfeld

3rd Grade Happenings
Happy Birthday Grampa!

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