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Catching Up with Our Refugee Family

kidsatschoolconferencesWednesday was parent teacher conferences for Lamis and Yousef. Both children work with an English Language Learner (ELL) aide, who led the conferences. 

Lamis’ aide couldn’t say enough wonderful things about her – she is studious, well-behaved and contributes to class every day. Her aide has even decreased the amount of time that she works with Lamis outside of the classroom, since she’s already near the top of her class in math! She also shared that Lamis is making friends at school. 


yousefprojectYousef’s teacher and aide said that he’s eager to participate in class, though he sometimes becomes frustrated when he can’t express himself. Check out this project he worked on about elephants! Yousef is also doing great in math.

Aziz is very excited because he just received word that ORT is providing funds to train him on a new technical skill. He is looking forward to learning something new and the possibility of a new job.

Rokhash is an incredible cook (and Laura Horn can attest to this – she was invited to dinner!). She’s so good, in fact, that she’s contemplating going into business!

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