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Happy Birthday, Maryam!


Maryam’s 6th birthday, her first since arriving in the US, was her BEST DAY EVER!

Her celebration started with her kindergarten classmates, who made her a birthday crown, sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed cupcakes (from Am Shalom) with red heart rings (which were a BIG hit)!

After school, her parents invited their Am Shalom tutors and mentors to celebrate with delicious homemade baba ganoush and fattoush salad, amazing baklava and knafeh (all items from their catering menu btw!) and of course, a Frozen themed birthday cake. Maryam greeted us all at the door with a big smile and hugs for everyone while wearing her favorite pink tulle party dress with satin roses that she has been saving to wear for her special day.

While everyone was happy to celebrate Maryam and the life for which they are so grateful in the United States, it was bittersweet for her parents and aunt and uncle, who were all worried about their family still living in northwest Syria. They shared a video sent by friends of the bombing in their neighborhood from the night before.

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