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Help Temple Emanuel in Beaumont, TX

by Am Shalom members Suzye and Steve Doblin

Temple Emanuel in Beaumont, Texas, was our congregation for fourteen years before we moved to Glenview and joined Am Shalom. We were both quite involved, participating actively in services, committees and leadership roles. 

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey was not only in Houston, but also reached Beaumont. The city was flooded and people could neither enter nor leave for several days. The city’s water pumps became inoperable, and even today there is no drinkable water in Beaumont other than what rescuers have been able to bring in. Thousands of people suffered significant damage to their homes and property, and many lost their homes and everything they owned.

Suzye has been in contact with Allison Getz, the president of Temple Emanuel. Unfortunately, Rabbi Joshua Taub recently had a stem cell transplant and is recovering from cancer. Several congregants, including senior families on fixed incomes, widows and a young family with a father sick with mesothelioma had substantial damage, lost everything and had to be evacuated. We know these people personally, which makes this even more difficult to bear.

President Getz believes that the greatest need is for gift cards, since the specific situations and needs are so varied. With that in mind, we are asking the Am Shalom community to help Temple Emanuel by contributing Target and/or Walmart gift cards. Any amount is appreciated. The gift cards can be dropped off at the Am Shalom office, or digital gift cards can be emailed to Suzye at, and she will make sure they get into the hands and inboxes of those that need them.

Thank you, in advance, for helping a temple community that means so much to us, and so much to our Reform Jewish community. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 847.834.0096.

Mentor Journal October 21, 2017
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