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Mentor Journal November 30 - Thanksgiving!

We are always late, because juggling food, people and cars x5 is never timely-- so when i got a text from Rokhash "I am in the way!" (Yes, you read that right.) -- I laughed and worried simultaneously that they would get there ahead of us! They did, but I had warned my friend Elaine to collect them from outside and encourage them to come inside and make themselves comfortable. Elaine's daughter, Allison, speaks Arabic, so I was relieved to find them inside being introduced when we finally got there.

They nibbled on appetizers, and smiled a lot while we tried to offer various foods. Allison chatted about how she came to know Arabic and about her archaeological work in Jordan and Turkey. When it came time to sit at the table, place cards had been written with everyone's name -- and everyone was encouraged to find their seat. Yousef had never seen his name written in cursive so he was convinced that he was being encouraged to sit in someone else's seat and became quite adamant about it. He recovered very nicely by telling us all that he knew something about the tooth fairy that we did not and proceeded to lead a hilarious guessing game for the next half hour. We all enjoyed the game including Lamis -- who guessed correctly -- and Aziz and Rokhash who find their son's ability to communicate and entertain in English, amazing! They left a bit early, I suspect, because they were tired, but I think they enjoyed themselves. We certainly enjoyed having them.

-Submitted by Deb Weil

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