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hebrew letters puzzle

Hebrew School Conferences are coming up! They will be taking place Wednesday, January 24th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm at Am Shalom. This is a vital opportunity to meet with your child's teacher and check in on their progress so far this year.

During the day, our youth lounge will be open and staffed, so you can drop off your child there while meeting with the teacher if need be.

Please find your child's teachers in the list below, and follow the link to sign up. If you don't remember who your child's teacher is, or you have any other questions, please contact Matthew Altman.

Alef Classes:

Shula Shleiser Conferences

Edie Riske Conferences

Bonnie Levy Conferences

Maya Friedman Conferences

Kadi House Conferences

Bet Classes:

Barbara Glimer Conferences

Orit Gordon Conferences

Hani Topaz Conferences

Zipporah Perlmutter Conferences

Gimmel Classes:

Hillary Meyers Conferences

Judith Stein Conferences

Laura Levine Conferences

Ronit Avitan Conferences

Lora Kogan Conferences

Dalet Classes:

Phyllis Steiner Conferences

Keith Kanter Conferences

Dana Poncher Conferences

Beryl Bellows Conferences

Hay Classes:

Rabbi Anne Persin will not be having conferences this year.