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100% of the Garden is built, planted and harvested by volunteers. 100% of GCG's crops are donated to provide food to those in need.

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Join us for an afternoon filled with music and commentary on Jewish characters and themes portrayed on the Broadway stage.


Join us every Friday at 6:30pm in the Perlmutter Courtyard for Shabbat services!

Make new friends or catch up with old ones at Dinner with Friends! This month we're headed to Backyard Grill.


Check out Rabbi Steve's weekly Deuteronomy Drash! Each video features his two minute take on the weekly parasha.

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Worship with us via live stream. We are pleased to live stream Shabbat services every Friday at 6:30pm, as well as holidays and other special programs.

Live Streaming at Am Shalom

What's Coming Up

  • Jul 20 2018 Outdoor Shabbat Service Shabbat is the perfect antidote for families in today's hectic society. Our Shabbat services are uplifting, enriching experiences to enjoy with family
  • Jul 21 2018 Torah Study Minyan Torah study minyan takes place every Saturday morning at 9:00am, fifty-two weeks a year.  In our beautiful Am Shalom Library, we engage in a shor
  • Jul 24 2018 Summer Harvest at Glencoe Community Garden Grab your gardening gloves and join us at the Glencoe Community Garden! Volunteers ages 13+ are needed. 
  • Jul 24 2018 What's in the Bible? The Torah has five books, but our Jewish Bible has 34 more. What are they? What are they about? (An overiew of the Prophets and Writings)
About Am Shalom

About Us

Am Shalom began when a small group of passionate people gathered in a living room to lay out their hopes and dreams for a new congregation: a welcoming home, a place that responds to people’s needs, and a community that embodies the command of God to Abraham: be thou a blessing. Our congregation has grown, but these core values remain the same today.

Our Refugee Families

On January, 27, 2017, many congregants from Am Shalom synagogue in Glencoe, Illinois, crowded together at O’Hare International Airport, waiting to greet one of the last families of Syrian refugees to cross our borders. They arrived with nothing, from a war-torn country that we’d been watching on our 24-hour television news cycle: a canvas of faraway landscapes and lifestyles that were decimated.

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