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AShTY: Am Shalom Temple Youth (9th – 12th graders)

AShTY (Am Shalom Temple Youth) is our high school youth board. They design, plan, and execute their own events, with guidance from our youth programming team. Over the years, these events have included bonfires, beach parties, mini golf, sleepovers, and volunteering. Want to get involved? Reach out to Matthew Altman for more information, or stop by Am Shalom at any time and find any member of the AShTY team!

AShTY is also involved with NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth), the Reform movement's youth division. We are part of NFTY-CAR (Chicago Area Region), where we participate in a multitude of events.


Wondering who is on AShTY's board this year? Read more about them below:  

President: Sarah Fox

Logistics: Hannah Sussman

Recruitment: Noah Glassberg

Social Action: Aliana Velick

Social Media: Rebecca Fox

Secretary: Amanda Rossi

Merchandise and Money: Zach Hopmayer

Noshes: Kyle Slavin

General Board Members: Benny Greenberg

We have a variety of different positions on our AShTY Board. Our elections are held during a bonfire every year in May.  Interested in running in the future? Contact Matthew Altman or Kadi House, our youth programming directors, and check out the positions below:

President- Oversees the AShTY board and runs meetings.

Logistics- Deals with the execution of the events.

Secretary- Takes notes during our meetings and passing along important information to the group.

Social Media – Manages our social media presence- Instagram, facebook, and communication with the Am Shalom teens as whole.

Recruitment Coordinator- Works with the rest of the board on inviting more Am Shalom teens to be a part of AShTY.

Treasurer- Manages our event budgets, books events, orders food, and designs new “swag” for AShTY

Social Action- Coordinates social action projects for AShTY.

General Board Member: Helps to develop ideas for events and more!