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Upcoming Youth Events

In Hebrew, the word Madrichim means "Guides". At Am Shalom, we use the term Madrichim to refer to our teenage classroom aides who are vital parts in making our school a success and flourish. With a generous grant from the Gutman family, we have been able to have over 70 different teenagers participate in our Madrichim program for the 2016-17 school year. Our Madrichim program is a great way for teens to develop leadership skills, experience mentoring younger child and develop classroom management skills. Our Madrichim program is a great option for teenagers from 8th to 12th grade: 7th graders can participate in the 7th grade training program as part of their classroom experience.

Applications for our 2017-2018 Madrichim program are now open! 

Participation in the program includes:

  • Sunday School madrichim are asked to be here from 9:15am-11:45am on Sunday mornings. Often our religious school madrichim work with their teachers to teach part of a lesson by reading a story to their students, explaining an art project or running games during a break. We do our best to place our Sunday school madrichim with the grades they request, but sometimes need help in different areas and ask that you are flexible with this!
  • Hebrew school madrichim are asked to be here from 4pm-6:15pm on Wednesday afternoons. Our Hebrew school madrichim often work with students one on one outside of the classroom, and/or teach games/activities in the classroom.
  • We also REALLY need help at Drop-in which begins at 3:15pm. Drop-in is basically a big hangout for the students, before Hebrew school. Students buy snacks and participate in contests and other fun activities. We love when our madrichim help run activities for the kids too! (If you are able to get here by 3:45pm to help out, we will pay you extra for this session!)
  • There are also opportunities to do a variety of other tasks on Sunday mornings or Wednesday afternoons, including answering phones, taking pictures, helping in the office, working with technology, and more. Please be thorough in your Madrichim application to let us know if you are interested in different tasks other than just being in the classroom.
  • Monetary compensation for each working day that a student signs in. Compensation is based on grade level, with higher compensation granted for seniority. 

You can find our application here.

For additional questions or more information, please contact Kadi House.